YouTube Channel

Following a wholesome exchange on Twitter I took a little plunge and got a webcam which arrives tomorrow.  It might be the anxiety but my stomach is in a bit of a knot at the thought. I know that by making a commitment via buying it (and money isn’t exactly abundant!) that it will force me to at least try this.

This is also something a good friend mentioned to me a while back and resulted in me making a couple of videos about assembling metal miniatures for wargames using my partners dSLR. However I’m not that enthused by wargames and haven’t been for a while, and it felt a bit forced. Most videos are about painting, so assembly was a bit different but isn’t really something people struggle with.


Anyway, as pointed out on the Twitterverse people like Matt Colville and Critical Role are the but are not a bar to making D&D/RPG related content. Another point raised that was it takes ego – I end up thinking ‘who would want to listen to me?’ But maybe someone will and that would be good.

Although I don’t think I have a massive ego I do like helping people and playing D&D so if others can learn from my experiences and the process is at least somewhat enjoyable it could be something I keep up.

With that in mind the 5 topics I’ve decided to hash out and then see from there.