World Building

So world building is important in all RPGs. Even those that don’t have a specific world or defined area (WoD or a FATE game) have themes and moods that they want their settings to convey.

However I’m not talking about this subject for which whole forests of trees have been sacrificed. I’m talking about having the characters actually change and develop their world. This ability to change the setting/world of hACCESS is intended to be a key part for one simple reason: agency.

Generally in a D&D game there comes a point where the PCs end up owning some property (castle, tavern, wizards’ tower et cetera) and then the DM has to come up with a way of running D&D as well as running a mini Minecraft game as well as some sort of Civilisation style game. However D&D as a core came doesn’t support this sort of play. These are optional house rules that need to be tacked on later as they crop up.

Hack the Planet…

However, in hACCESS if the team expose the Hexxon-Kobil’s scheme to frack using refined rhinoceros tears and thus prevent massive pollution then a tracker of ‘air pollution’ might move a couple of steps towards cleaner air.

These will give specific benefits and overall may help the team of PCs to complete their Overall Objective.

The Overall Objective can be decided by the Players, the GM or both together. It should be story based, sensible and achievable. E.G.; ‘Bring down the TESCO-X corporation and expose their wrongdoings

This statement gives the team an overall objective. The GM will have guidelines of how to break this down into 4-6 ‘episodes’ of increasing tension/difficulty and thus frame the ‘mini-series’ with each step being like an episode (hopefully an episode of 24 rather than Eastenders).

Each step’s success or failure will then add to the final heist/assault/attack because the world will have changed. Perhaps the city’s population, now that they know the evil of TESCO-X, don’t shop there, so TESCO-X’s profits are down and they have less resources in the final showdown to use against the PCs