Ten Things of Thanks

1) More Cricket on Wedesnday – this time a ‘T20’ game – its more ‘showy’ than First class cricket. And lasts only about 3-4 hours and had a great time with LostInTheWoods. The game came down to the wire and Hampshire won by literally one point. It was extremely exciting and tense, excited that I didn’t go deaf from the shouting. I do think the bar screwed up and gave me ‘full fat’ (if you have the Diabetus read that as 50g of sugar!) but that kept me going until tea time! Great fun too. 🙂

2) More 40k with Neph. He won naturally. Crowning moment was when he got 4 sixes on 4 dice. Completely overkill! Still he enjoys it and I sneak maths and basic multiplication into it so that’s gotta be good right?

3) Nicotine. Useful in moderation for its mild stimulant (and consequent relaxing) effect. Functionally it is similar to caffeine.

4) Fairy Power Spray – great for stripping paint from old toy soliders. Doesn’t smell horrible or strip skin from your fingertips as much as dettol. Squirt on the offending paint job, leave it a while/overnight, old toothbrush and water = easy paint removal with no gunk or horrible smell.

5) Tea out with friends for a birthday. Lovely Italian food at Puchinni’s followed by ice-cream at Sprinkles.

6) New shiny toy solider army book – with fake scaly skin cover. It’s extremely childish but they are my first ever army as kid so I enjoy it a lot more than I probably should being a grown man with small plastic and pewter lizard men.


7) Lovely Lizzi. She was wearing pretty dresses today. 😉

8) Maple Pecan danish. Lovely wifey got me some when I was having a rough day due to my 2nd late night hypo in a row. They helped.

9) Sluggaz Club – had a good time playing 2 games and chatting with people equally as nerdy as myself!

10) Sleep. I’m finishing this being unable to sleep on Sunday morning. So I’m thankful for the sleep I have had throughout the week.


  1. Considerer says:

    Sucks about your late nights. We’re gonna have to fix that. Stop following your Wife’s bad example, ok?

    Also, the dresses – are you SURE your eyes were open?

  2. clark says:

    …lol Rob! Laura!! stop that!*

    *old cultural reference …of course!

  3. Joe Rogers says:


  4. Joe Rogers says:

    ? ? ? o.O ? ? ?

  5. I love the way you say such sweet things about your wife!

  6. christine says:

    Sounds like cricket T20 (?) is more my speed. 4 hours and exciting is much better than 4 days and you better bring a book. 🙂

    So glad you noticed Lizzi being all dolled up. I don’t know a single wife who don’t like to be told she’s lovely.

  7. Considerer says:

    (he had his EYES CLOSED! He’ll tell you differently but I know what I saw)

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