Melincholic Obtenebrous Dipolar Compression of (the) Spirit

If I had just discovered major depressive disorder in the 5th Century BC I think I would have ended up calling it ‘Melancholic Obtenebrous Dipolar Compression of the Spirit’ (MODCoS). While Melancholy is a good description of the every day world wearyness that one can experience with ‘general’ depression and is probably best summed up by Dürer’s engraving, entitled ‘Melencolia I‘ :

Melencolia I (B. 74; M., HOLL. 75) *engraving  *24 x 18.8 cm *1514


That’s ‘Melancholic’, what about ‘Obtenebrous Dipolar Compression of the Spirit’ ?

Tenebrous is simply shadowy, gloomy or dark. Obtenebration is the act of darkening, so by inference Obtenebrous is the adjective of darkening, a thinning similar to what the Hobbit, Bilbo says ;’like butter spread over too much bread’.

Dipolar – not bipolar as in ‘both’ or ‘twice’ (bi-) but di- (both) because when one is Melancholic and Obtenebrated one is almost entirely a different person. You can do (and say) things that you would otherwise never conceive of. You have a different frame of logic, which to the dipolar you is *perfectly* rational.

Compression of the Spirit – basically the Black Vise that I described before.


  1. John says:

    Hi Joe,
    I couldn’t help but notice that you’d left a comment on a site dealing with a trial you’d done with mixing some types of ink together. Could i ask if you do much writing with ink? and assuming that you do would you care to help me with a bit of a project i’m looking into?
    Regards John

  2. Joe says:

    I do write a fair bit with ink. I you email me (jamesjosephrogers at gmail)

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