INFJ – In neurotic Fear, Joe

So I did one of those ‘personalty’ things and got INFJ.

Basically the world is saying ‘be a medic’ but I’m afraid.

Afraid I’ll fail and won’t even get in – then what.

Afraid that I won’t be able to cope due to my health issues (Physician heal thyself)

– ‘So Mr Blobby, you need to loose weight’

Mr Blobby: have you looked in a mirror recently?


bloobyblobby blobbeeee!!!!

As a generalisation I can’t *stand* student medics – most of them seem to be preppy overachievers, and any accusation of jealously at their success can be quickly dispelled by the fact that they’re generally pretty privileged, always well dressed (though exactly the same) and good looking coupled with a lack of imagination. #bittermuch

The time and cost – ties into it being intensive.

Work afterwards – how far will I need to move?

Stress/coping – will I be unable to cope?

Then again if I don’t try I won’t know. The one advantage of part time flexi-working is that I will be able to work around any part time course or study or other experience that I’ll need to do.

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