I don’t get it

I don’t get blogging. I know that this is one, but the reality is that I want to use it to display my nerdisms and wordpress is easier to use for that than proper website software.
But I really don’t get it.

There are blogs about everything – that’s a given, though one particular type of blog annoys me. Blogs about blogging. (Not blog posts, but whole dedicated professional blogs about it)

Specifically ones which are written by someone apparantly famous whom I’ve never heard of, (presumably because I’m not ‘in’ that crowd) usually with a ‘bold’ sense of fashion (because words aren’t enough these days), who dispesnes advice on such topics as blogging, CONTENT, increasing readership, CONTENT, marketing, CONTENT and creating content.

You need to make content. Isn’t the writing of a blog by defintion content? Or is it make conTENT as in ‘make love’? – make content, for you are average at life and need to learn to live normally like everyone else?

I tend to choose the former, clearer defintion of making as creating content, though as mentioned, actually writing the blog is creating content. But writing about writing your blog is content so actually it’s just a large circle of smoke and mirrors.

Maybe it’s the persona, the projected Artisté with the aura of slightly detached superiority who, in my weaker moments, makes me feel less worthy of sharing the internet with them. Maybe its the fact that since entering marketing I have found it more and more ephermeal with very little substance. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of good marketing things to do (email your contacts, generate leads, research competition, customer profiles, make materials and so on) but it’s the vague ‘create content to engage your audience’ that bugs me. Take this:

The key to success in 2014 and beyond is coordinating and synchronizing your content marketing with your marketing automation and marketing analytics.

Content is what ultimately connects you with customers and prospects. It is that builds trust, especially as some data-driven marketing pushes consumers into….     http://www.emailinstitute.com/big-data/content-king-again-still

Well that is sort of *your* content to engage *your* audience. What does it say – to succeed automatically synchronise your marketing based on your analytics? It’s that not blindingly obvious? This is what makes me worry – either there’s a lot of idiots out there with a lot of influence or else I’m totally missing the point. I’m genuinely not sure any more.

Additionally very little in the commercialised world is free. Yet advice is to give something to the reader. Advice they can get anywhere unless you are an expert, in which case you’re most likely a professional in which case you probably don’t want to give your secrets away. (It’s different for hobby bloggers but they’re not the people I’m targeting here)

Finally where will it lead? – newsgroups led to message boards led to forums lead to blogging leading to microblogging. In the future when we all have iBrains and can directly connect to each other at near-light speed until it becomes a battle of wills and the looser’s head explodes?

My wife tells me there’s a social component to blogging. it’s never happened for me because I simply don’t read that many other blogs and don’t comment since it’s all opinion. There’s a reason I don’t live on social networks – I know from experience (ie my option) that there’s a lot of idiots, trolls, timewasters and so on. I’ve given up crusading as it’s very difficult to have meaningful ‘conversations’ or change opinion via the internet.

Maybe it’s fear of a total Crash that makes me worry, or maybe it’s because I’m not that sociable online, or because I don’t have time, or because I’m trying not to care.

Though really it’s because I’d rather sit outside with my pipe watching silly youtube videos not arguing with the legions of gibbering clowns that haunt it’s comment pages.

Someone is wrong on the Internet





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  1. Jean Carroll says:

    Very funny Joe! It’s stating the obvious that content is kinda important. It’s like talking about talking.
    Love the cartoon at the end too XXX

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