Life has been pretty good. My mood is stable, there’s things to look forward to. My favourite toy soldiers are getting an update…. carno

But somewhere in the background is this annoying factor about (almost) not being able to have children. I’ve done everything according to the book – we’re young, married, have space, open to children and yet none, whereas there’s other people in a similar situation can sleep around and get each other pregnant at the drop of a hat. Which is a *little* frustrating. More frustrating that they don’t attach the same value to ‘the marital act’ or the happy results of said act. I know I can’t make everyone think the way I do, but it is still a bit frustrating. I think it is my way of dealing with it. When I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes I got angry at people getting wildly drunk or smoking lots or otherwise abusing their body with no conseqences and here was me, at a healthy weight, studying hard, not genetic predisposition and BAM, pancreas explodes!. Now I have a pipe and just think it’s people’s own choice. The issue occurs when it hurts others.

I’m a bit tired today and we’re going to have the neice and neph over so I’m going to grab a nap.

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