Been Ill

Nothing new really other than I’ve been really ill. Moved house and am in the process of unpacking and figuring out what to do with myself.

I haven’t got much energy so for the moment not a lot of updates (not that there’s been many at the moment) but I’m hoping to try and run a D&D game which always inspires me. I am working on codifying my ‘japan with the serial numbers filed off’ setting. Most Asian setting fail because they’re either too focused on codifying and merging the culture of even a dozen countries, the myths of over a billion people and more OR they do the opposite and ignore it, thus dooming the setting in ignorance.¬† I’m no expert I just want to explore non-European tropes, have an excuse for a different feudal system (essectially a weird form of imperial communism) and of course – ninjas!!

In short I want to…

…capture the Japan of the Tenchu games where there’s some magic and supernatural stuff but it’s mostly other people who are the main enemy.

…mix social interaction with combat and for both to be potentially deadly.

…make combat dangerous but fair, it’s not about who has the most magic items.

…have honour as something that enforce player choice and to be relevant.

…make magic fantastical and rare but not unheard of – no +1 longswords here. But if the players do find a magical katana, it will be forged from the crystalised tear from Lord Moon, shed when he mourns the absence of the Sun. Such a weapon would have the statistics of a Vorporal sword and people¬†will kill to obtain it.

…ask the question of what is more dangerous a swarm of goblins (or Bakemono) or the bureaucrat who has cancelled the logistics for your men at arms leaving you without a guide through the mountain?

…create a world where the gods are important and real, but aren’t the main players of the end-game.

…a world where actual change to the future history of the world will happen, catalysed by the players actions.

Hopefully this will be more achievable than writing a whole other system from scratch, especially one I’m practically not to familiar with.