10 Things of Thanks

10 things of thanks

1 Toy soldiers with neph this morning. He was looking at my ‘robot’ and likes robots. He wanted to play. So we played a stripped down version of the ‘affair that has been over half of my life’ aka Wargaming. He ended up liking my space marines more (since they were painted) Obviously the real rules would be too complex to seem sensible to me most of the time 5 year old Neph, but largely made up ad hoc 😉 We had fun.
2 Wifeys Birthday Steam Train – basically she got to DRIVE A STEAM TRAIN. Which she loved. I got to RIDE ON A STEAM TRAIN. Which I loved. It was a great day out and full of fun. I was glad to be a part of it and join in.

3 Yesterday, Wifey, Niece & Neph went to a local-ish Steam Rally. As noted on Wifeys page, they have been integral parts of both of our youths and upbringings since we were small. I love the smell of coal smoke, steam and freshly trampled grass that seems to invoke the ‘steam rally’ feel. The sight of machines that are in most cases over 100 years old (although steam power is thought to be about 2000 years old) being so able to do so much, and not using petrol or electricity is amazing. The thought of the innovation of the human race gives me hope for our future!

4 Return to Club – Feeling quite down I haven’t been painting many toy soldiers or playing anything. I also didn’t attend our wargaming club, partially not due to having the energy and partially due to mood and motivation.

5 Brain Meds – I’m feeling a lot better than a couple of weeks ago. Either I have undiagnosed bi-polar and I’m manic (time to start fires, take drugs and drive fast cars?) or the medical help is actually helping.(more likely!)

6 Supporting and loving Wifey – she’s brilliant. Basically. Read her blog. It explains her lovelyness.

7 My friend the lostinthewoods for lunch on Friday afternoon. We solved the worlds issues, talked about nerdology and such like. It was really nice. I did get a little sunburned but it was worth it!

8 The weather which hasn’t been too bad – while it’s been mostly hot and burning, it eased off on Saturday enough that I could bear it. The increased heat has made me hypoglycemic a couple of times though.

9 My new pipe, which I have only partaken of twice in a week, and has proven itself to be a nice medatitatve relaxing experience. It gives me some ‘me’ time, lets me watch the world go by and while increases some risks by 10% is helpful for the depression (Something to do with MAOI in the brain). It also makes me feel closer to my dad and late granda who both smoke(d) a pipe. Gandalf Approves


10 D&D – We played D&D on Wednesday with friends. It went quite well. I’m hoping it will pick up again this week when the coolness of the particular dungeon comes into its own. *insert evil laugh here*

Ten Things of Thankful



  1. Considerer says:

    Hello love, really great to see you joining in again (using the linkie tool this time). You’re a treasure and I take back *most* of the rude things I’ve said about wargaming cos Neff really did enjoy it and you kept him so beautifully entertained. If only we could figure out something to keep Niece so entertained!

    It’s been a wonderful couple of weeks and I’m so glad I’ve been able to share it with you. Thank you 🙂

  2. Well, look who’s joined the party! #2 is my favorite – you did an amazing job with Lizzi’s birthday celebration! And #6, because I think she is brilliant, too. Oh, heck, love the whole dadgum list!

  3. clark says:

    hey Joe!

    Have not ever gotten into the pipe thing, the Progenitor roger did once, a very long time ago, seems like there is more to the pipe smoking that just burning plants and such. There was, from what I recall observing, a lot of procedure and care that goes into the process of smoking a pipe, as opposed to cigarettes which I used to partake of…those were easy, light ’em up, inhale.

    I also identified with Item #3 …in a way. Back in the day, I spent a few years on commercial fishing boats, very distinctive set or smell and sound there too! (More of diesel smoke and decaying fish…but all it takes is a little whiff and I am back there!)

    Good to ‘see’ you around the hop!

  4. Joe Rogers says:

    Diesel has that distinct smell.. sort of purer than petrol but petrol has glorious glorious benzene, the king of aromatic molecules.
    To smoke a pipe you need to obtain the pipe, obtain tobacco – possibly rub out the tobacco if it’s in leaves or plugs, tamp it down into the bowl, light it up and it should go out (takes out the moisture the first time). Then light again and sit and relax. It has a lot of texture and smell as well as a narcotic effect. Good in moderation, and continuing a family ‘tradition’ in some way I guess.

  5. Joe Rogers says:

    I didn’t really arrange anything, I just kept quiet and went along for the (train) ride!

  6. Joe Rogers says:

    Yes, the proper linky thing is pretty cool. The inter-connected ness of the whole blogosphere is really cool. People also seem to be for each other a lot more than on forums for example.

  7. Considerer says:

    ‘My gang’ are super-duper-awesome-rockin’ly FOR one another. It’s what makes them (and this hop) so special.

  8. Yvonne says:

    Hi Joe, nice to meet you. You were two above me on the blog-hop, so I came to visit! When I read about your number 2 I realised you must be Lizzi’s husband. It sounds like you all had a great day out.

  9. Joe Rogers says:

    We did – it was AMAZING. Thank you for visiting. If I’m organised I might do TTOT more often and link up.

  10. Considerer says:

    (would be totes amazeballs if you did…)

  11. christine says:

    I cannot believe you just said “totes amazeballs” with a straight face.

  12. christine says:

    Joe! So glad to see you here!
    Lovely list. I am especially happy with the first item. So good of you to get in there and play with Neff. My husband has never really done that with our nephews. He may have 6 kids, but he’s no “kid person”. I’m always glad to see uncles teaching nephews some new things.
    I’m glad the meds seem to be working for you. I’m sure these health issues aren’t easy for either you or Lizzi.
    As for the pipe smoking, I’m (shockingly!) with clark on this one. It seems to be the sophisticated way of partaking in tobacco. I only had one great-uncle who smoked a pipe, and while I can’t say he was sophisticated, the pipe was certainly more of a ritual.
    Thanks for linking up with us this week! Hope to see around more often.

  13. Kristi (K2) says:

    Nice to meet you, Lizzi’s husband.

    Glad to hear the meds are helping; it seems like sometimes finding the correct medications takes some trial and error.

    My oldest son likes to paint/tinker with Transformers, so your “robot” reminded me of his hobby. How nice of you to share your interest with your nephew!

  14. A really cool and unusual list! Thank you so much for linking up with us!

  15. Joe Rogers says:

    Thank you – i like to think of myself as (somewhat) cool (within the geek-o-sphere) and unusual!

  16. Joe Rogers says:

    Thank you – I don’t know if his Aunt will approve seeing as she dislikes my toy soldiers!
    Meds seem to be helping, the last 2 weeks have been good I just hope that it doesn’t dip again.

  17. Joe Rogers says:

    I am going to *try* to do it every weekend. It might even help me be more mindful of all the good stuff. I have found the pipe quite relaxing. It basically gives me an excuse to sit in the balcony for a half hour just relaxing / thinking /watching the world go by.

  18. Considerer says:


    (Straight face? Me? Never!)

  19. Joe Rogers says:

    Thanks for sharing them!! 🙂

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