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Hyperbole & Peace

A.K.A. the ‘Freedom-Truth-Sheeple-Anti-NWO Rant’

I was chatting with a colleague on the way home from work and we got onto the subject of conspiracy theories. It had evolved from a flippant comment about solving the issue of the death penalty in the US (and to an extent the resurgence in people who want to re-instate it here in the UK) after the botched lethal injection a few years ago in the US.
I suggested it would be quicker, cheaper and easier as well as arguably more humane to line them up and machine-gun them all a lá China or the Nazis. My main flaw/strength in rhetoric taking things to their logical conclusion, however twisted that logic might be.

Injecting people on gurneys is just as violent as machine gunning them. It doesn’t involve hypocritical medical professionals (do no harm?) who are there, nor is it a spectacle to be watched by the aggreived’s family.

That’s not even touching the fact that I am opposed to the death penalty as a criminal punishment. I seem to fall into the odd category of ‘pro-life’ person (in that I am against elective abortion) who is also against the death peanlty. Which is a sad state of affairs to have to make that distinction.

Despite this, I would not call myself a pacifist though. While I would love a world without violence (and were I President of the World I know I would be tempted to use force to hypocritically attempt to ‘enforce’ peace). I think in our world that there is a grim reality of the notion that “We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would harm us”. This is why I like the concept of Jack Bauer so much. He is a rough man, does horrendous things but arguably for the right reasons.

I remember at a Quaker meeting some 6 years ago, there was an elderly lady who had a button badge that said ‘Imagine Peace’ and it struck me remarkably. We got chatting and I had to agree that I thought it was actually really profound. After all you have to be able to imagine something before it can happen. Even in our material world, anything lasting and good, has to be designed, thought out and detailed before being fabricated. Somewhere someone has to imagine the end result and then try to achieve that.

It seems that most blogs end with some pseudo-whimsical nostalgic post designed to ease the mental strain that reading them has put you through. This isn’t most blogs.