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I won FNM

Last night I won 3/3 rounds (2-1,2-1,2-0) at our gaming club Southampton Sluggaz where our FLGS sponsors/sanctions us. I was using my not cutting edge Black/Green golgari deck (necromantic – nature style thing)

There were a lot of tense games, and some very silly ones (where we both drew out land for 7 turns straight, 2 where my opponent was on 50+ life (killed by Vraska’s Assassins ¬†and then by sheer combat damage!) and other silly shenanigans.

Afterwards I played a bit of modern and went 1-1 vs Mizzet storm and won vs W/G hexproof. considering I’d only come along to paint and maybe repair terrain. My opponent graciously gave me a lift home too.

So that was a nice evening. Considering I’d been tired and not going out much this reflowering was quite lovely.

On that front my endo has said that my body is short on some essential chemicals and hopefully next thursday I’ll start on them. Hopefully I won’t go into ‘roid rage!