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Life is suffering…

According to the Buddha anyway. Which kind of sucks frankly. This ties into the WHO’s latest drive to combat suicide.

No not them, the health blokes with the secret plots to take over the world…


A response by a person of ‘it stops us being wage slaves’ got re-tweeted. I have to agree (cough because I wrote it cough). {Tweets by @WHO}

I was tired and derpessed* yesterday, not in the complete depths but stressed, anxious, tired and not coping ,rather than thinking ‘there’s no point’ which is an important distinction to make.

I cannot have children.
I suck at my job.
Being depressed makes my wife worry/unhappy.
Unlike the Buddha I don’t believe in reincarnation (dibs on female Brazilian white knee tarantula if I’m wrong!)

I would like to find hobbies fulfilling but they are more social and I’ve learned that most nerds are in it for the game not the socialising. This might change with my re-surge in Infinity who knows. But it’s not something worth ‘living’ for as ultimately it will disappoint.
Religion has left that gap and there’s not a lot filling it at the moment.

I guess this means I’m at the melancholic stage of derpession* where I’m functional but just not happy.


I call it derpession because everything goes derpy.