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Which Dice?

So I’m flip-flopping again. This time I am going to go for a custom system using d12s for three reasons; no one uses d12s, d12 enables a pseudo-simulation of other dice (d2, d3, d4, d6) due to the larger number of factors for 12 and finally by using a custom system it means I don’t feel beholden to ‘legacy’ systems of any system that I plan to ‘rip off’

Proposed d12 System

d12 dice
Love it or loathe it…?

Current thinking is something along the lines of 3d12 by default with 9-12 as success [3x(4/12)] as the average of success. This is analogous to rolling 3d6 and looking for 5 or 6s. However difficulty of task increases the threshold number from say 9 to 10-12 (now we’re looking at rolling 3d4 and needing 4s) or 11-12 (3d6 but needing 6s) or even 12 for the most extreme task!

Skill proficiency and equipment add dice rather than change the difficulty of the task and there is no threshold for successes required.

I am tinkering with the idea of a botch/fumble – no successes on the 3d12 and at least one 1, as well as a crit/stroke of luck – all successes or possibly only one success which is a 12. I sometimes hate the idea of crits so I’m still not sure.

Optional d6 Variant

Because d12 are not the most popular dice, I will be including a 3 (or possibly 4) d6 variant where 5-6 is the default success threshold. It doesn’t provide the nuanced levels of differentiation that a d12 does but will at least allow people to play without having to buy lots of dice.