The Emperors’ New Content?

I recently commented on a guest-post on a popular marketing blog. It was rather 4chan-esque in it’s execution such was my frustration; ‘Obvious post is obvious’ I got a few replies asking for my own website (because obviously a badly implemented personal wordpress blog can really compete with a professional on a professional platform!)


Apparantly these things are not obvious to all which leaves me wondering: Am I genuinely smarter and better than the people who claim to have more experience in the field or am I missing something in a really big way?

Common sense and humility tell me it’s most likely the former but since the reply to my troll-y post was ‘common sense is not that common’ I am now seriously beginning to wonder. It’s like bad writers blogs where everyone talks/writes bout writing in order to avoid anything which might actually *be* genuine writing – and thus lead to judgement, and possibly negativity and crushing of fragile egos by the unwashed hordes of ‘Teh Internetz’


Does this not then make vague universal statements the safer and easier choice? Therefore, like the little girl, I need to be brave, take the risk and call ‘hokum!’ on about 85-90% of the market-blogosphere out there. Show me hard evidence, stats before and after and proven techniques rather than vague advice no no actual ideas, inspiration or actions to undertake listed! Since conceptualising this post I am glad to this this post written up on the same blog. This is why I read copyblogger in the first place.

Sorry Seth you don’t do it for me despite your quirky looks,

lots of books and
somewhat stabby,
Writing Content.

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