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1) Cricket



I went to my first ever cricket match between Hampshire and Glamorgan. It was a first-class cricket, first of 4 days of innings. It was really chilled out, the game started 90 minutes late, which was fine, more time to chat and read the paper. It is uniquely British -I don’t just mean England and the UK, but also ex-empire colonies like India, Pakistan, Sir Lanka Australia etc. That said the Netherlands have a world class team… ok so maybe it’s the attitude which is British. Only the British would invent a game which takes ages to play, is relatively relaxed and unsuited for British Summers as well as having players who take their time to play the game. Then again they invented soccer so they might be a nation of paradoxes. Anyway it was thoroughly enjoyable and I spend most of a day with my friend David. Next week I hope to go to a ‘T20’ match which is more fast paced and *only* lasts 5 hours.

Bonus points – I got to go to the members only area (since David is a card carrying member and I was a ‘guest’ !!) and we had a lovely carvery lunch with beef, carrots, cauliflower cheese, small rost potatoes, gravy and a yorkshire pudding the size of a small childs head! It was lovely. Bonus bonus points that they had costa coffee and so I got a hot chocolate later on! AMAZING!

2) Lizardmen  

This happy chappy below is a Lizardman ‘Skink’ skirmisher. It’s not mine but the colours are pretty much what mine are painted like. I think they are cute and ferocious at the same time. I’m excited about these because they are getting a new lease of life and I am hoping to return to playing with them more that I have been this last 5 years or so. They were a large part of my young-adult/older childhood. YAY TOY SOLDIERS!


3) Carcassonne Evening

Friends of ours have an über set of Carcassonne with a zillion extras (builders, robbers, rivers, traders, pigs, flying machines and wizards!) with which themselves and ourselves played for 3 hours on Monday evening. Lizzi who was loosing all the way through came 2nd in the end, myself 3rd and it was all quite close! Carcassonne is a relatively relaxed game where you build a map and cities and get points for various things (completing roads and monasteries and cities). It can be a little competitive but is largely chilled out.


4) Scrubs

I’ve been watching this via the intertubes. It’s about medics who survive in a surreal hospital setting. The main character has Ally McBea- like fantasies where the weird things he thinks are visualised fore us. He puts up with his crazy mentor who is brilliant, egotistical and cynical and also from constant harassment by the insane plots of the taxidemy loving crazy janitor. It’s a wierd blend between reflective introspection, comedy and drama. In line with a well done TV series it has a nice array of music which helps set the mood. It even cross references House and self-parodies itself. Sometimes at the same time!

5) Wifey


She always makes the list. She’s amazing. We did belly bumping for sheer randomness and fun. She’s crazy and lovely and I love her. She also got 3 new fish which are cute and zippy. (a bit like her!)

6) Wargaming with Neph

We played more games of Warhammer 40k lite. He won of course 😉 However it is fun and nice to spend time with him mano-a-mano. It’s interesting how he concentrates and is quite ‘mature’ about it in that he’s not smashing 2 space marines together going ‘bang whizz’ and understanding that dice are how it works. He can count the dots on the dice to add things up and I’m using it to try to teach him some basic multiplication.

These ones are mine. (from a while ago)

7) D&D (again!)

It involves odd shaped dice.

I do love D&D. The group survived an encounter (battle) 5 levels higher – which was pretty interesting since that was supposed to be nigh on impossible! They thought it was going to be really hard, but the fact that they overcame it, not easily but without any major losses, shows how strong and co-ordinated they are as a group. It’s fun for me to be able to make stories and things and I think they enjoy exploring the world. Hopefully we’ll all continue to enjoy the adventures and stories.

8) Rain

OK not the actual rain per se but the fact that it ‘watered the grass’ and brought the insane temperatures of Thursday (~30ºC) down to a manageable level for the cricket and just general outdoor life. I didn’t leave the house on Thursday as it was simply too hot. I don’t do well in the heat and it seriously effects the diabetes – I’ve been hypo 3 times in the last week, which is not a regular occurrence. I might get hypo once every 2 months or so, but when it’s hot it is a bit worse as everything metabolises faster, the insulin works faster and its JUST TOO HOT!

9) The Tobacconist

A dying art is that of the tobacconist. Back in the days before Hitler (vehemently anti-smoking and vegetarian – ergo smoke and eat puppies otherwise you’re a Nazi?!?) and before realising that asbestos was bad for you,  these were a staple of most towns and cities. Now there’s only a few well established shops left but still enough to supply demand. Anyway it seems that pipe-ists are a bit of an esoteric lot these days but thankfully the interweb provides a wealth of information for wannabes like myself. My dad is a veteran pipe-smoker since forever (My current theory is that being young and exposed to nicotine all the time I was amped up mentally and doing fine until I moved away and got ill due to passive withdrawal!) and I have always enjoyed the smell of pipe tobacco (well some of them) This is very different than the cancer-stick variety which is thin, anaemic and full of additive chemicals and which I have always despised. I’m an odd fish right?


Top: Pure
Bottom: Filth

Anyway I have tried a variety of things; Circular Navy Cut, [strong, smells nice, smoke overpowering, bitter taste. Verdict: give to Dad!] a sample (5g) of Petersons University Flake [strong, smells so-so, smoke tolerable, bitter taste and  overly moist Verdict: not again), Coniston Aromatic (mild, smells ok, smoke is mild/tolerable, mind taste – simple and plain. Verdict: default!)  and Sweet Peach (mild, smells LOVELY, smoke is pleasant, tastes nice. Verdict: Favourite so far!)

Sweet Peach – look at the lovely colour!

10) Job Application & CDG people

Being ill with the diabetus, the crazyness, the endocrinez and so on I’ve been unable to work since I had to stop my PhD in genetics. So I’ve been liaising with the CDG which helps people get jobs. If they are people like me it’s a bit different than hitting you with a stick until you get a job (*cough* JobCentrePlus *cough*) However I’ve been in sufficiently good mood with good energy this last 2 weeks or so that I applied for a job that I could do and wouldn’t be too taxing for the interim. So that was achieve-y and a positive step.