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10 Stupidly Expensive Things Whot I Want + TTOT

This is total fantasy and most of these items are completely pointless and/or impractical, e.g. I cannot ride a motorcylce, play a harp or would ever use 1000 toy soldiers!

1) A Harp ££


How can wood and strings be that expensive?

2) A HD Cruiser Motorcycle £££,£££,£££,£££


Surely a Vespa would do?

3) A Full Blood Angels Space Marine Chapter £££,£££,£££,£

We are the Emperors Angels of Death… 










4) ..and someone to paint it £££,£££ to £££,£££,£££

5) Nikon Microscope £££,£££,££

This is small. But the one over there is far away.

6) An 18-200 VRII AF-S lens for aNikon Camera. .5£

AF-S DX VR 18-200mm f3.5/5.6 IF ED

7) A unicorn – this would require genetic manipulation of rhino and horse DNA in a country with few ethics. I would probably look more like a Ki-rin than a Auropean unicorn. £££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££,£££ +

8) New serverboard based computer with 3 monitors and the power to crack government encryption in 15 years! Liquid Nitrogen Cooled and overclocked to the max. Only has solitaire and windows 95 installed on it though.

Replace NASA with ‘Evil Overlord Inc.’ and it would be accurate!

9) Sub-dermal CGMS, Insulin Pump and wearable computer all synchronised in a non-clunky way to work as an artificial pancreas – £££,£££,£££

It’s actually a really old idea…

10)To own games-workshop and nintendo. GW is a bit more viable being only ~48X££££££, whereas nintendo approximatly 520x times their worth! Though I guess for majority shares I could roughly halve that value!

They’re actually not that bad despite what the internet nerdrage claims.

They are actually worse than the fanbase says…


Ok now to the wifey bit; 10 things of thanks. This is for the week just gone.

1 – Painkillers, my left back/shoulder/leg/head has been acting up again. They work. Woo!

2 – Niece & Neph who were largely well behaved and brought joy to my heart during their sleep over, who accompanied me, no whining, to the play park so wifey could sleep on and were just generally cute and nice company, if not a *little* trying at times.

3 – Church youth-work BBQ thing. Though I’m finding religion/God/church hard at the moment it was good and worthwhile going to. It was nice relaxing craic.

4 – Nice locum doctor – I gets me brain medicine on national ‘elf!

5 – Baldur’s Gate II – A really really oldschool computer RPG that I’ve played though moreso than any other game. The array of choices and options is quite staggering and I’ve been replaying it recently. If you’re a geek get it on!


6 – Paints – I dabbled with my watercolours which I found to be quite relaxing and made some prop-y bits for my D&D game which will hopefully resume on Tuesday after a 3 week hiatus due to absence and illnesses all round.

7 – Sunshine. I don’t like the heat but I do like the light and actually today isn’t too oppressive.

8 – Pepsi Max, I looooove Pepsi Max, and I’ve had lots of it this past couple of days and it has helped me keep chugging along. That probably means I’m addicted but as long as my pepsi-sugar readings (as opposed to blood sugar readings) are fine then I have nothing to complain about. THERE’S BLOOD IN MY PEPSI-STREAM!

9 – For this geeky cartoon which made me really happy.

10 – Wifey, for being ultra-supportive while I was being quite down and chivvied me along to the doctor and is just generally amazing. And lovely. And bringer of chocolate. And hugs. And Tea. And all sorts of lovelyness.


Ten Things of Thankful