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D&D 3.X – WOTC


Deathwatch – FFG

Rogue Trader  – FFG

WFRP – Hogshead


Vampire the Masquerade et al- White Wolf

new World of Darkness / VtR – White Wolf

Systems Yet To Play

FATE – Evil Hat

Spirit Of The Century

Starfinder – Piazo

Space 1889 – Mophidius




Teacher training – cut short by illness. Managed 6 months before health problems kicked off.

SKE – Physics. Step 1 on becoming a teacher.

Lab Technician Band 4 -Specialist Chromatography. Best job ever, pity about the pay!

Data Provide Coordinator – Office monkey, 3 months temporary hell.

Marketing Assistant –  I rather try to frame this as ‘scientific marketing assistant’ because i) most of marketing is BS and ii) its for a biosciences company. It also involves some technical writing. Kicked because I wasn’t sales’ bitch.

PhD Human Genetics – Haplotype Variant Alleles in Type 1 Diabetes. Withdrew due to illness after a year.

Forensic Scientist L2 – Lab Monkey with too much integrity.

BSc Forensic Science – 2.1 Dissertation : “Determination of the Post Mortem Interval by the Chlorosis of Grass”


Cutting edge hardass internet badass” – some Amazon review idiot. But it does sound good! I am a bit of contrarian towards things that are accepted because they are the ‘popular’ consensus. A bit like marketing this just turns into one big ego-massage which annoys me. As a scientist I take seriously the right to ask ‘why?’ and ‘how?’ of anything.

Scientist – I have a BSc in Forensic Science and worked in a lab along with doing a bit of a PhD before stopping. I’ve always been interested in science and to an extent engineering since being a child. Chemistry and microscopy were my initial loves, but I did Physics at school and then did a degree involving DNA and Chemical analysis.

Geek – D&D, Pokémon TCG & board-games. I’ve had less time for war gaming due to time commitment.